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Consolers of the Lonely

Out of nowhere The Raconteurs release their sophomore album "Consolers of the Lonely" in a completely unexpected way. They announced the album the week before it was released, giving some foreshadowing onto what expect with a new Raconteurs album- the unexpected. On the band’s new album Brendan Benson and Jack White collaborate for what can be deemed as the best work that either of them has put out. They even each other out as musicians and it's really fun to hear. Benson gives White melody to his raucous guitar and creative song crafting and White gives Benson a fun aspect that a lot of his music misses because it's so keen on melody and structure. On "Consolers of the Lonely" it sounds like these two have been playing together for years- more often than not you can't tell the difference between the two vocalists- Benson roughs up his vocals considerably on the album and White smoothes his out. And the guitar work by both guys is pretty outstanding, there are tons of blazing solos throughout this album almost one on every song (you'd expect something that from White.) The true bright spot for the album actually doesn't come from Benson or White- although both are fantastic- it comes from Patrick Keller the drummer of the band. On the album Keeler is an absolute beast, pulling off some impressive combinations- and even being slightly more impressive than Meg White. "Consolers of the Lonely" is full of great songs and you'd expect that from Benson and White- the first three songs on the album are in the top four "Consoler of the Lonely" gets things started right and then things move on to Benson's wailing single "Salute Your Solution" and then the probable next single "You Don't Understand Me." From that point in the album everything stays fairly consistent with only a few drop offs. The band gets some definite kudos for the "Rich Kid Blues" cover that they pulled off amicably. And the final song "Carolina Dream" is one of the best story-telling songs that you're likely to hear in the past five years. The Raconteurs' "Consolers of the Lonely" hit America right in the face, it's unexpected to see a follow up from these guys but not unappreciated. With a third album of this caliber The Raconteurs could become a full-time gig for everyone involved; not just a side project.


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