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From First to Last

From First to Last

If you’ve been on what equates to three labels- two majors and then one of the strongest independent labels going in Epitaph Records then you’re doing something right. If you’ve done all this while having three lead-singers (although two are actually on record) then you’re definitely doing something right. From First to Last’s only real lead singer up to this major label debut- was Sonny Moore. Sonny left to do other things before this record was recorded and with the departure of Sonny Moore the vocal duties have been taken over by guitarist Matt Good. Obviously that’s a huge difference between the band’s second album and their Suretone/Geffen debut. Good does a decent job on the mic. His vocals aren’t overly impressive, but that’s never been the key point to From First to Last. The band was founded by two guitar players and that’s the strength of everything to do with the current state of the band and their major debut. The guitars are exceptional throughout- their particular layering of thick, harsh guitars are more effective than most lyrics can be from a lot of bands. Whether Matt Good and Travis Richter are thrashing like full blow metal guitarists or doing an unorthodox riff for a bridge that sounds like the theme song from Shaft- these guys ARE From First to Last. As far as songs go- not everything on the record is perfect. There’s a lot of boredom to be had in the middle of the album in spots. But the first three tracks; “Two as One”, “The Other Side” and “Worlds Away” all rock and set a high standard for the rest of the album. Unfortunately, after that the material gets repetitive until “I Once Was Lost, But Now Am Profound” hits. The song makes one think of a hardcore version of My Chemical Romance- it’s got a great hook to it and is one of the most enjoyable hardcore/scream tracks that I’ve listened to in 2008. From First to Last’s debut with Matt Good as a vocalist is successful, and more importantly their major label debut is a decent outing. Whether they use Matt Good as a vocalist on the next record is to be determined, but as long as he and the rest of the band keep thrashing at a high standard, it doesn’t really matter.


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