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For My Friends

If you would have told me Blind Melon would make another record ten years ago I would have told you that you were out of your mind. If you would have told me that Blind Melon would make another record 13 years after their last record I would have told you that you were on crack… still with the way is music is done these days we’re seeing more and more bands on the comeback trail and Blind Melon is the latest band on that bandwagon with new lead singer Travis Warren. Important enough to mention first is that Warren isn’t Shannon Hoon- Hoon was amazing, but Warren definitely has a strong delivery and is his own vocalist. Warren fronts Blind Melon with a lot of passion and energy just like Hoon. But more than Hoon, he dominates the microphone and comes to the forefront of the music a little more. The band of Blind Melon is the same that it was 13 years ago- and they are an exceptional bunch of musicians. Guitarist Christopher Thorn powers Blind Melon with his classic/psychedelic guitar riffs and he’s back in rare form on “For My Friends” – listen through the album and Thorn’s guitars and Brad Smith’s bass give it it’s flavor- something important for this particular Blind Melon record. This is a return to the band’s style on their debut record- some psychedelic-alternative rock that could go over in the 70’s or current day. There are lots of great tracks on this disc and Travis Warran does an excellent job on the microphone and the rest of the band plays like they never stopped playing. My favorite thing about this record is that it feels like Blind Melon. Shannon Hoon’s memory will always exist as long as the band is out playing those songs live, but the rest of the band was part of that magic too and it’s great that they’ve rediscovered that with a charismatic frontman.


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