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Phantom Planet

Raise the Dead

Bringing the noise with 12 insanely intelligently written pop songs on their latest album, Phantom Planet releases a great disc in “Raise the Dead.” The album is 12 songs of 60’s pop influenced tracks that is sure to get your foot tapping and your mind going in the same process. The songs on the record are great 1 to 12; and they had to be- Phantom Planet wrote 120 songs for the album, recorded 30, and then trimmed down that list to the 12 that appear on the record. The songs are infectiously bouncy- whether it’s the intriguing album opener “Raise the Dead” or the Stones influenced “Do the Panic.” There are a few boring moments on the disc, part of “Geronimo” and “Demon Daughters.” But apart from those two tracks (which are still capable enough to be qualified as ‘good’), Raise the Dead flies by as a pleasurable listening experience. Alex Greenwald did a great job writing for this album, but he also did a great job singing throughout. This is Greenwald’s best work to date and better than most of the work he did while Phantom Planet was on Epic. Moreover, Greenwald’s vocal and the album in general is produced to perfection. It’s not over-produced because of Phantom Planet’s heavy 60’s influences, but it’s bulked up with slight production elements. “Raise the Dead” turns out to be a well-written, well-rounded set that will gain Phantom Planet a whole new batch of fans.


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