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Crash Romeo

Gave Me the Clap

About a year and a half ago, Alternative Addiction had a chance to interview Crash Romeo but the main interviewer... he kind of dropped the ball on his shot. I can say I definitely regret that now. Crash Romeo's second record for Trustkill Records "Gave Me the Clap" is one of my favorite punk offerings so far this year. The songs are excellent but not over produced and all in all the band's offering reminded me of one of my favorite bands to ever be in the genre; Diffuser. I only say this because like Diffuser used their rhythm section slightly different than any other punk band did before. It wasn't a steady beat like you normally hear. The drums were slightly menacing and unpredictable and the guitars were so prevalent it was almost like hearing a second vocalist... that's what Crash Romeo is on "Gave Me the Clap." Ryan Webber is a madman on drums and Steve Anderson’s guitar lines throughout "Gave Me the Clap" are sick. The only problem I have with "Gave Me the Clap" is frontman Travis Webber, while fronting the band admirably, Webber does lose some steam on some of the songs- there are places here where he made good songs normal and great songs good. I don't know if that's due to the producer dropping the ball on the vocal tracking or what, but vocally there are bits of pieces on this album that are a little shaky. All of that aside, Webber writes some great songs, and he does a good job for most of the record and he's definitely helped out by a very talented group behind him. Crash Romeo's "Gave Me the Clap" isn't the only pop punk album we're going to see released this year, but it could come out to be in the upper echelon of the best that this year has had to offer.


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