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Addison Road

Addison Road

Christian music is a valid and valuable genre of music. Lots of kids that aren't allowed to listen to a lot of mainstream music listen to bands in the genre and enjoy them. People who enjoy the message that the music carries enjoy it, and lot's of bands that fit into the Christian mold and carry that message find the genre to be a great farm system to work themselves up to the mainstream. I don't think that their goal is something beside Christian music, but Addison Road is a good enough band that they belong in the 'farm-system' grouping because there are bigger things coming for a band that's as good as Addison Road is. Jenny Simmons fronts the group with passion, compassion, and a lot of energy and the music behind her solid vocals is great. The only problem Addison Road has is a bit of an identity problem. They're a group with a ton of talent and potential but they don't sing a particular song that's immediately identifiable with who they are "Sticking With You" comes close to being that song but falls just short. On some songs they have a bright/sunny pop sound to them, on some songs they have a heavy bare-bones gospel vibe to them and on other songs they have a bit of a pop-punk vibe to them. To some that's diversity but the problem with Addison Road is that the songs on the album are so different that their overall sound becomes vague. And although I liked their take on Nada Surf's "Always Love" (America did it too), it further blurred the overall identity of what is and what could become Addison Road. Nonetheless, Addison Road's new album for INO is an outstanding debut for a very talented band. If they do cross over into different markets look for it to be done with "Sticking With You", but if they don't- who cares they're another great band in the Christian genre. That being said, they're still too talented and too marketable of an act to limit the amount of fans that they'll get, so look for more things on a larger scale for Addison Road in the future.


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