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Canadian quartet Outmatch are in the unusual position of being relatively unknown in their native country but a household name in Germany. Now, Outmatch aren’t a metal band and they aren’t a euro pop band and their brand of modern pop rock makes their popularity even more unlikely. Currently only on general release in Germany the bands rise to fame comes as a result of their association with the top German record producers the Bermann brothers (Avion and Don Henley) who took the band under their wing. The brothers produce half the album whilst one time Emerald Rain front man Murray Daigle-who also produced Cauterize’s debut-produces the remainder. Add into the mix contributions from Harry Hess (Harem Scarem), Rami Jafee and Steve Bertrand (Avion) and you have a recipe for a standout modern pop rock album.
Hitting you right between the ears with a tempting blend of prime time Lifehouse and Nine Days style edgy pop rock ‘Weightless’ ticks all the right boxes in terms of hooks and melody. ‘Broken’-the single that propelled the band to initial success in Germany-together with the One Republic tinged ‘It’s Ok’ illustrate Outmatch at their hook laden best, whilst the Neve sounding ‘Ordinary’ and the consummate power ballad ‘Losing You’ suggest that Outmatch are far from being a one trick pony.
Outmatch are one to watch in 2008 as they look to break out from the confines of Germany and break into the bigger and more lucrative markets. The current success of bands like The Fray and more recently One Republic in the US and the UK ought to pave the way for Outmatch-lets be honest their songs are far better- enabling them to take advantage of the current favourable music climate.


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