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Back Door Slam

Roll Away

The biggest thing working against Back Door Slam is their name; really that’s the only thing working against them. With a name like Back Door Slam, you’d figure you’d get an 80’s/retro hair band that keeps making the music of the past in the present. Instead what Back Door Slam actually is: a Blues trio that’s not only reminiscent of Eric Clapton’s work, but they blow some of his most recent work out of the water. Clapton hasn’t released anything this good in this decade. Singer/Guitarist Davy Knowles is brilliant; he sings with a ton of heart and soul and his guitar work is outstanding. Seriously, Davy Knowles as a guitarist is one of the most amazing things to listen to on record. His solos throughout the album scorch your speakers. He’s a gifted vocalist, but his guitar work is amazing. Back Door Slam is an outstanding blues outfit, one of the best that I’ve heard this decade. There’s one or two songs that you’ll skip through when listening through this album, but for the most part you’ll enjoy every portion of the record. My only criticism with Back Door Slam is their name- it doesn’t work and it needs to change. It’s the only thing holding them back at the moment.


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