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Lenny Kravitz

It Is Time For a Love Revolution

There are two artists that are mainstream-centric for casual music fans; Kid Rock and Lenny Kravitz. Kid Rock is for the more country/rural side of the spectrum while Lenny Kravitz is for the urban portion that likes a little rock ‘n’ roll. Both musicians have made careers out of catering to the group but Kravitz is different in more ways than Kid Rock is. For one, Kravitz is musically intelligent. Even though he’s covered a couple of songs the guy can write a song and there’s no doubting his guitar work as stellar. His latest album “It Is Time for a Love Revolution” has a lot of the retro-mainstream rock that he’s known for, but it also has a few quality pieces in it too. “Good Morning” is one of the better Kravitz songs based on the chorus and the string arrangements in the song. It’s kind of like an updated “Again” that has some different lyrical content in it than what we’re used to seeing from Kravitz… there’s more of a storytelling aspect here opposed to the heartbreak/romance feel of a lot of the other Kravitz work out there. There’s only a track or two like that- (as you would guess from the title of the album) but it’s still a welcome change. The rest of the music isn’t that much different; classic-rock type guitar work with a little bit of funk and Kravitz’s outstanding vocals is a good formula for him and it works again. Kravitz’s “It Is Time For A Love Revolution” isn’t an album of the year candidate and it’s not even Kravitz’s best work, but even still- it’s a quality listen that most people if not ALL people can get into.


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