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Mike Doughty

Golden Delicious

Mike Doughty’s most recent solo release “Golden Delicious” will hit a chord with fans of his old band Soul Coughing as well as some fans of Dave Matthews. Doughty’s hip-hop fuzed rhythms incorporated with smart lyrics with some mature themes make the album one of the best solo albums this year. “Golden Delicious” was produced by Dan Wilson and Dan did a terrific job. The record as a whole is bright with energy and eccentricity. The players on the album are terrific, especially keyboardist John Kirby. His teamwork with Wilson added a completely new element to the music on Doughty’s new record, and with Doughty’s unique voice the music transcends into something incredibly enjoyable. Doughty’s voice is his identity- it’s unique. But almost as unique as his voice are his lyrics. They’re a little goofy, but they’re still ambitious. Great lyrical moments and great songs on this record include but aren’t limited to “27 Jennifers” and “Like a Luminous Girl” both tracks are as complete of tracks as a musician can make. Production is perfect, lyrics are creative and memorable, and the music is as catchy as it can be. The first two songs are the most debatable songs on the record- “Fort Hood” is inspired by the military base in Texas that has lost more men in the Iraq war than any other but the chorus is taken from an old 60’s tune “Let The Sunshine In.” It’s an interesting mix but it’s a hard track to get into. “I Just Want the Girl in the Blue Dress” has some unique Soul Coughing elements in it- “Burrumba tum Bum- Burramba tum Bum- it’s an interesting track because of those elements and while you won’t be into instantly- it will only take a listen or two to win you over. Doughty’s “Golden Delicious” isn’t anything world changing, but some great musicianship, some great production, some great lyrical and vocal work, AND some good songwriting makes it a complete and captivating listen.


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