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After their disappointing sophomore album, many had written off Lifehouse as a one hit wonder, but Geffen Records stuck with them, and has been rewarded with a very impressive third album. While critics blasted their last release for being bland and unimaginative, they will be hard pressed to find the same fault in this record. Instead, this album is overflowing with heartfelt lyrics and strong hooks, all the same ingredients that made their debut album so successful. The lovesick lyrics of the albums opener “Come Back Down” will impress even the casual listener, while the unforgettable first single “You and Me” is already starting to be embraced by fans the same way that “Hanging by a Moment” was when the band first splashed on the scene. Perhaps the most impressive track on the record is the ballad “Blind”, which truly finds Lifehouse at the top of their game musically and lyrically, a formula for potentially one of the biggest hits of the year, and a natural choice for the next single. Also noteworthy are the tracks “All In All”, which is backed by a beautiful string section, and the unforgettable guitar riffs in “Better Luck”. Dig a little deeper into the album and you’ll find gems like “Days Go By”, “Undone” and “We’ll Never Know” all which display the bands impressive knack for writing hook filled songs- a knack that was all but non-existent on the band’s last record. After a couple listens to this album it will quickly become clear that the sophomore slump is definitely over for Lifehouse, so much so that this might wind up to be one of the best records of the year.


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