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Runnin' Wild

Coming from Warrnambool Australia might give you some clue as to what is contained within this, the band’s debut album.

As one who generally promotes the cause of anything modern, I really shouldn’t like this album at all. It must be a throwback to the late 70’s/ early 80’s when the likes of AC/DC, Rose Tattoo and The Angels took pride of place in my record collection. Unsurprising then that band leader Joel O’Keefe got into this genre of music by stealing his uncle’s record collection which contained many of those albums (I wondered where they’d got to!)

Good old fashioned honest dirty rock and roll, that’s Airbourne’s ethos and yes it may have been done before, but when was the last time AC/DC recorded an album that was anywhere half decent? and for that matter when was the last time they actually recorded an album at all. ‘Runnin Wild’ abjectly thumbs its nose at the current pop punk genre or the oft-pretentious alternative rock scene getting right in your face with the songs about girls, booze, booze and more girls. Check out any number of the rough and ready fare on offer, such as the frenetic ‘Girls In Black’ or the title track with it’s razor sharp riffs, rhythms and hollered vocals; its pretty much a standard throughout the album. Re-locating to L.A was just one of the pieces of the jigsaw that fitted together to make this album possible. A touch plagiaristic for sure with the “Pub Rock” tag sure to stick from many quarters this album nevertheless remains the best that AC/DC has never made.


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