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Dressed Up & In Line

It seems like B-sides are all the rage towards Christmas, fans get more music, labels get more money- everybody wins. Copeland is the latest to join the B-sides club this week with “Dressed Up & In Line.” On the disc there are rough demo-stage recordings from the band, rerecording’s of songs, different versions of songs, songs that never made an album and a couple of unique covers too. When reviewing a B-Sides disc you can’t really review by art and by direction, you have to review by content. In terms of content this is one of the best B-sides discs to come out this month behind only “Sawdust” by The Killers. The rough stage recordings are cool to listen to what Copeland sounds like when a lot of those subtle flowing moments aren’t added in the background during the albums. With different versions and re-recordings the best moment on this disc is easily the “Dressed Up & In Line” version of “No One Really Wins.” The original of that song is a little more upbeat (musically) than this new version in which they’ve slowed things down considerably. The two rare, actual b-sides songs on this disc are “Thanks to You” and “Chin Up” and while both songs are good Copeland songs, they’re only good Copeland songs. There’s not a surprising or captivating moment during either title. As for the cover songs- they cover “Every Breath You Take” and “Black Hole Sun”, two of my favorites of all time. They do a great job with “Black Hole Sun”, they paid tribute to the song while putting a little bit of Copeland into it, but “Every Breath You Take” is pretty brutal, it’s the only time ever that I’ve felt the band has gotten a little too artistic for it’s own good. They score points for trying with the song, it just doesn’t work. Copeland’s “Dressed Up & In Line” is a good B-Sides disc, but it ends up being just that and nothing more. Copeland fans will love this, everybody else will just casually want to check out the two covers.


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