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Back Country Live (CD only)

The live album is a beast all its own, we’ve talked about that. It’s a promotional tool, it’s a time-killer, it’s a unique entity all its own. As it gets closer and closer to Christmas time and the end of the year we’re going to see more and more of them too. Five for Fighting just released a live set “Back Country Live”, which oddly enough isn’t a promo deal, a time killer, or a cash cow. It’s more of a gift for Five for Fighting fans. “Back Country Live” features mostly songs from the latest release “Two Lights.” All total nine out of the fifteen tracks on this live set are from “Two Lights” with the expected added tracks- “100 Years”, “Superman”, “Easy Tonight”, and a extra songs from Ondrasik’s earlier albums. Not a bad set. The part of the album that steals the show comes before the song “Two Lights” and you can’t help but wish that the entire disc was more like this. Ondrasik tells the story about “Two Lights” and then he plays the song. This whole disc should have been more similar to that one particular track, there are moments like that here and there, but nothing touches “Two Lights” in that sense. This live album should have been more like an episode of VH1’s storytellers. As is “Back Country Live” is a good live set, that would have made it an excellent one. The only other problem I have with “Back Country Live” is the recording, it’s shaky in a few places, but other than those two flaws this is a decent live set. “Back Country Live” is sure to make Five For Fighting fans happy. Not only does “Back Country Live” capture one of the most intimate live shows around, it’s a genuine live set.


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