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Here Right Now

Graham Colton returns sans the band moniker on 2007’s “Here Right Now.” Even though this is just Graham Colton and not the Graham Colton Band, we’ll consider this a follow up to 2003’s “Drive.” Does that mean he’s dropped the band entirely? Did those guys not want to be on this record? We’ll have to find out more about that in an interview. Colton’s strength has always been his live shows, some bands/artists make their living from being live artists, but you’ve got to have something to play during those live shows, so here we are. Colton’s strength on “Drive” was the strength of his songs. He was helped out a lot by Brendan O’Brien and Kevin Griffin but the core ideas were his to work with. “Drive” had a strong group of songs, and the new album by Colton has an even stronger set of songs. Part of that can be attributed to Colton’s maturity and the other part of that growth can be credited to the amazing cast of people that helped him with this album. Naming the co-writers on this album is like naming a wish list of people a singer/songwriter would want to work with. Dave Bassett, Tommy Walter, Raine Maida, Kevin Griffin, Chad Fischer, Brian Howes, and Richard Marx all helped out and co-wrote songs with Graham Colton for this record. And although Colton’s voice stays dominant throughout, the co-writes influence during each of those songs can be easily heard and ultimately that’s what you want in that situation. There are a few moments on Colton’s “Here Right Now” that maybe are a little too recycled and programmed but those moments are forgettable due to the strength of some of the other songs on this record. I wouldn’t call this a flawless effort and I wouldn’t call this the best album I’ve ever heard either. But “Here Right Now” is a great set of songs recorded by a guy with a ton of talent. I’d like to see Colton write on his own some more with the next album (especially after hearing some of the songs he wrote himself for this album, namely the song “Cellophane Girl”), but overall this collection of songs is more than adequate. Hopefully Colton learned something from everyone he worked with on this album and his next album will be one for the ages. This is good not great, but I’ll take this record over a lot of other solo work that passes these days.


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