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Luna Halo

Luna Halo’s second label run starts with a self-titled disc for American Records, and it’s really easy to see why Rick Rubin’s label wanted to sign these guys, it’s because they’re really freakin’ good. Luna Halo is one of the few bands that has really came out and impressed me with a new sound/new record this fall. This music is awesome; Luna Halo is a throwback of sorts to the bands that everybody loved from the late 90’s/early 00’s like Matchbox Twenty (before they went a little too corporate), Third Eye Blind, and Stroke 9. If you like any of the bands there’s a good chance that you’re going to like Luna Halo. Luna Halo is a little harder than those bands I just mentioned, but the hooks in Luna Halo’s songs are the same quality of the bands that I just mentioned. And that’s something that’s been missing in music for awhile. The production on this album is also a highlight. Neal Avron produced, recorded, and mixed this record and through all of that process he captured the band’s personality and talents perfectly. Again, bringing up those huge band references; all three of those band’s debut albums were produced flawlessly, Avron did that for Luna Halo so you have to give that guy some credit. There are eleven songs on this record and almost every track just drills it. Especially “Kings & Queens”, “Untouchable”, “On My Way”, and “Medicate.” The only song that really misses is “I’m Alright” (“On Your Side” actually comes close too), and that’s only because it blends in with “Medicate” a little too much. That’s the only flaw in an otherwise flawless record. I’ve dropped a lot of names with Luna Halo but the one comparison that stands out to me is Marvelous 3. Luna Halo’s choruses and a lot of their songs sound like Butch Walker’s old band. If you were into Marvelous 3, I highly recommend Luna Halo. If you’re into well written/well produced/complete records then you'll love these guys too. Obviously the target for all bands is to have a single that takes off and breaks their career, but if a single takes off for Luna Halo (I’d go with a single-type mix of “On My Way” if I were American/Sony), then Luna Halo has the best chance in years to become ranked up there with the super-groups. This could fizzle out and never hit where it needs to or it could become music’s next big thing. Hopefully it’s the case of the latter.


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