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Puddle of Mudd

Volume 4: Songs in the Key of Love

Puddle of Mudd’s “Volume 4: Songs in the Key of Love and Hate,” dare I say is an damn good album. After regaining a lot of success with their last record this new record seems to have them prepped and poised for yet another run of hit singles. Where their last record might have seemed slightly forced, this record doesn’t seem that way at all. Everything flows nicely and the album is comparable to Jet Black Stare’s debut record but generally just better. There are still the annoying Puddle of Mudd songs here like “Pitchin’ a Fit” and “Hooky”, but even those are not without their charm. There’s one or two other songs in that vein, but past there is a ton to like. “Spaceship” was a good first single from this record, but the one to really look out for is “Out of My Way.” It might need an intro on it, but other than that it’s really ready to go. “Volume 4: Songs in the Key of Love and Hate” is a good record from these guys. There are things that they could have done better, but there are definitely things they could have done worse. After scoring big with their last record, it looks like this one has the potential to do the same.


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