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Comes and Goes

Defaults fourth album was a long time coming. After TVT Records crapped the bed and after Default was able to get out from under the label and their subsequent bankruptcy "Comes and Goes" is an album that's been done for a while but the wait was worth it because this is a damn good album. "Comes and Goes" is the band's best album since their debut, and that's even considering how good "One Thing Remains" was. The album plays like a complete set, much like their debut album does and songs after song on this record just gets better and better. It's kind of interesting what developed on the album for the band though- the hard songs are harder than they've ever been. Right out of the gates, track one is "Turn It On" and it's just a great balls to the wall rock track. The single "All Over Me" is also one of the band's harder tracks and one of the band's harder singles that they've released. The other thing that conspired are the softer songs- "Little Too Late" is the band's most polished, radio-friendly effort since "Wasting My Time" and if given the proper chance it could blow up. "Comes and Goes" was worth the wait. There's not a bad track to be had on the album, it's versatile, it stretches what the band was capable of doing in both directions, and it comes close to being better than their debut record. This is an awesome set by Default and hopefully it gets released here in the states in a larger fashion.


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