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Social Code

Rock n Roll

Social Code is another excellent Canadian band that strives for success in the U.S. There are lots of bands that are worthy of some American success and lots of bands that fall short of that goal. Social Code is definitely worthy of garnering some success here in the states, whether they get it or not remains to be seen. When you listen to this band think Collective Soul mixed with Buckcherry- they are a straight-up rock band that implements some of the effects that Collective Soul did on their early albums. Social Code is a good group. They’re album “Rock ‘n’ Roll” is aptly titled and what you would expect of it. There are 10 tracks, 7 of them are good, 3 are just okay. The 7 tracks that are good are upbeat/faster tracks that you can’t help but get into, especially “Satisfied.” The 3 tracks that are just okay are led by the title track strangely enough, “Rock ‘n’ Roll” isn’t terrible, but it’s about two minutes too long for what it is. It’s the first track on the record and it’s kind of like a prelude type thing to the album- it’s a good introduction to the record it’s just too long. Not everything on here is going to resonate with everyone but if you’re looking for a damn good rock band look no further than Social Code.


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