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The Killer and the Star

The Killer and the Star

The Killer and the Star is a bit of a trippy thing. The first thing that you have to mention is how good it is to have new music from Scooter Ward. His emotion and passion in his music is something that song writers should aspire to do. The Killer and the Star still has the passion and emotion that Cold did it’s just different. When you implement electronica music you better implement it right. This was in a lot of ways and wasn’t in a lot of ways. The vocals were added to too much. When you’ve got somebody like Scooter- where his biggest strength his emotion and people connecting to him in a very human way… it’s hard to when that voice sounds robotic. Still, the quip with the vocals aside the song writing is very good and the music is good too. It’s just a lot different than Cold. Cold fans will probably be able to get into this because the lyrics are good and it’s Scooter’s project. I would like to see this stuff live though, I have a feeling that the live music of this is a lot better than the album and the album is pretty good. It would help on the relatable side of things to see Scooter sing this stuff live. The Killer and the Star is an interesting project from Ward. I’m not sure if I’m a fan yet or not, that’s going to be the attitude of a lot of Cold fans at first. The music is good enough to win people over after a couple of listens- so with a new project that’s entirely different, this does the job.


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