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Bright Nights, Dark days

Cavo’s new album, their debut album for Reprise/Warner, happens to be a pretty damn good piece of music. We knew the first few songs on the album would be stellar including “Champagne”, “Crash”, and “Let it Go”, but what amazes me is how good the rest of this album is. I actually think that tracks 4-11 are just as good as those first three songs, maybe even better. The songs are outstanding, this is true but better than that- David Bendeth produced this record and as usual, he did a tremendous job with it. This Cavo record sounds better than previous works by the band and you can really hear the money put behind this record. As for the bad- everything with this band is awesome but special note has to be mentioned for Casey Walker, his vocals sound amazing on this record and melodies heard on songs like “Ghost” really show that off. This has been a long time coming for a band like Cavo. They’ve put together a tremendous piece of music with this album and even brighter things are in the future for these dudes.


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