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Cobra Starship

Hot Mess

We’re three albums in with Cobra Starship and that’s pretty hard to believe. Their third album is easily their best. “Hot Mess” isn’t filled with a bunch of pop punk that I’ve missed since Gabe Saporta fronted Midtown but it is filled with a solid number of pop songs that are equally catchy as they are well produced. Gabe Saporta really came into his own with writing for this record and this is some of his best work… easily. Not everything on this record is for everybody. At times the synths and effects are just too much to deal with at once but even when that part of the song sucks you can still listen through and tell that the core of the song is still strong- and that’s really the most important thing when an artist gets three or four albums into a career like this. Plus “Good Girls Go Bad” might be the best song that Saporta has ever written. So while Cobra Starship still isn’t for everybody, fans of Fueled By Ramen bands can rejoice because this is one of the better releases on the label and it’s easily the best release by this band.


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