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Normally I’m not a big fan of electronic music- even if it’s mixed with more standard stuff. Most of the time with the style of music, even if a lot of heart and feeling is put on the album, you can’t notice. That’s not the case with Owl City. Owl City, the name taken as a moniker for Adam Young, mixes electronic music with an almost folk style of song writing to create a sound that’s both unique and heartfelt. The new album “Ocean City” isn’t a superb piece of work but it’s definitely above above-average. It’s fun to listen through and Adam’s collaborations with Relient K’s Matt Thiesen on a few tracks makes the album one that you’ll be constantly listening to. In fact, if Thiesen wasn’t on the record you would undoubtedly be able to hear that he’s an influence on Young’s music. But when Thiesen’s voice is mixed with what Young is programming and doing musically something special happens. Listen to “Hello Seattle”, “Dental Care”, “The Bird and the Worm”, and “Fireflies” first on the album. If you like those songs buy the rest of the album because you’ll be into every track. It’s a fun record with slight flaws but the good far out-weighs what little bad there is to be had. This isn’t Adam’s first release but its Adam’s first label release and something tells me you’ll be hearing a ton from him in the near and distant future.


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