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Adelita's Way

Adelita's Way

Las Vegas modern rock outfit Adelitas Way was voted number one unsigned band by Alternative Addiction’s avid regulars in 2008 shortly before the band started a bidding war between the major record labels, eventually being snapped up by Virgin records.

Prior to their emergence as a force in the modern rock genre, the band-essentially a three piece but now a five in order to fulfill touring schedules-released a self -titled debut album independently in 2007. The album, essentially a demo committed to disc and released as an album, hinted at the potential of the band but without making an impact.
Snapped up by Brian Howes at Interscope (who would later stall the bands progress) Adelitas Way was signed to the artist development programme which saw the band record several songs that would ultimately court the major labels that had began circling like hungry vultures. Fronted by lothario and ladies favourite, one time American Storm Strip Search star and Paradise City reality TV star Rick Dejesus, Adelitas Way are more than just a pretty face. Boasting the virtuoso guitar playing of Chris Iorio and some of the best songs ever to come out of the commercial modern rock genre, Adelitas Way are a surefire bet to become the rock phenomena of 2009.

Due for release on July 14th with some stiff competition from Daughtry’s sophomore effort on the same day, Adelitas Way’s debut album has the potential to leave everything in its wake. Produced in the main by Johnny K (Disturbed, 3 Doors Down, Black Tide) who gives the album a suitable rock edge and with one song ‘Last Stand’ credited to Brian Howes, the album is a celebration of stellar song writing allied to dynamic playing and hook heavy choruses. If you were to combine all the highlights of Course Of Nature’s sophomore effort, Closure’s one and only album and traits from all the most successful modern rock bands on the planet then you wouldn’t be far off this revelation of a debut.

Lead off track, the chest beating anthem and WWE Superstars theme tune ‘Invincible’ sets the ball rolling and it gathers pace with the Closure-like ‘Scream’, the sleazy sexism of ‘Dirty Little Thing’ before the first pause for breath arrives in the shape of the cigarette-lighter waving power ballad ‘Last Stand’ before launching back into the superb Brian Howes co-write and initial Interscope demo favourite ‘Love Hate’. There’s simply no let up from the high quality songs on offer; the sublime up tempo ‘SoWhat If You Go’-a slightly different version from the demo that appeared on the band’s myspace page-pummels the senses with its chopping riff, Iorio’s superb lead work and a huge pay off hook-line that won’t let go.

The second half of the album includes a look back at the band’s roots, featuring updated versions of ‘All Falls Down’ and ‘Brother’-two songs that initially appeared on the demo album with the latter perhaps the weakest song to appear here. Vocalist Rick Dejesus felt that they should be included as they were something that he went through in his life. As he puts it “ we had the sex tracks, the rock tracks and i wanted to use some of the songs that I wrote during a hard time in my life”.
The crunching ‘Just A Little Bit’ and the by now familiar ‘My Derailment’-an up tempo slice of modern rock dynamism- make up the remainder of the album with no let up in quality.

An unusually high potential hit single count and the sheer consistency of material throughout ensure that Adelitas Way have produced a modern rock classic, a genre defining album that will still be talked about in revered terms in years to come.
I defy anyone to not enjoy this album.


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