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Pete Yorn

Back & Fourth

The problem with Pete Yorn's "Back & Fourth" is that's it's so damned depressing. The Pete Yorn songs that are best are the ones that are upbeat and mix his songwriting style with 70's rock. Big examples "For Us" and "For Nancy." On "Back & Fourth" there's a not a song that even closely resembles either of those tracks. It's all Saddle Creek Records' type stuff. It's widely depressed. Of course, that's because Mike Mogis produced this record and he's responsible for Saddle Creek Records' artists like Bright Eyes. I like Bright Eyes, but it's not anything that I can listen through on a consistent basis because it almost sucks out all of the energy you have. Pete Yorn's "Back & Fourth" does that too. You can appreciate the production that Mogis put into it with Rick Rubin's help and you can appreciate Pete Yorn's songwriting craft but it's best done in small doses. This isn't an album you can listen through consistently start to finish. At least I wouldn't recommend it because it will make you go crazy. Still, there are songs like "Four Years", "Don't Wanna Cry", and "Paradise Cove" that are awesome songs. The brutal, depressing sounds of it aside, "Back & Fourth" is a good record, it's just better in small doses.


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