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Silversun Pickups


Swoon was initially described to me as sounding like a Smashing Pumpkins album, if Billy Corgan hadn't lost his mind. In fact, Silversun Pickups can't seem to get anywhere these days without a Pumpkins comparison in tow. This is certainly justifiable; album opener "There's No Secrets This Year" sounds like a Siamese Dream b-side, rife with fuzzed-out guitars, nasally vocals and Chamberlin-lite drum patterns. The band also brings shades of Sunny Day Real Estate and Coheed & Cambria to the table, but Swoon will reward those patient enough not to dismiss them as rip-offs. The main formula here is balancing gobs of distorted guitars with layers of crystalline, emo-esque vocals, but there's enough melody to make most of it stick. Lead single "Panic Switch" and soaring, melodic "Sort Of" are undeniable highlights, while "Growing Old Is Getting Old" perhaps best encapsulates the Pickups' sound, running the gamut from hypnotic and entrancing to explosive and raucous. Though not every song deserves mention, Silversun Pickups should be commended for crafting a true album, where the songs retain a similar tone throughout without ever sounding too much alike.


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