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Chinese Democracy

Chinese Democracy is the perfect title for the latest Guns n' roses album. It's irony at it's finest. In an era where the music industry is struggling and so many bands are taking a do it yourself mentality, Guns n' Roses comes out with a 14 million dollar, 14 Years in the making, major-label funded album. That makes it the most expensive record in music history. Did the record company get their money's worth? That's a question that's not that easy to answer. Was it worth the ridiculous wait for new GNR material? That is an easy answer, and it's no. Your hardcore Guns n' Roses fans will purchase this no matter what because of their love of the band, they'll also hate it or be indifferent towards it because of its lack of original Guns n' Roses members. Axel will always be the voice of Guns n' Roses and when the band was in its heyday Axel was the image of it too. But now the view of GNR has changed, sure Axel's antics are well known, and his voice is well known too, but Slash is the image that most people think of when thinking of Guns n' Roses. So that really makes this album an entire different beast. There were who knows how many different musicians that worked on this record, but there was one chairman the entire time and that would be Axel Rose. As much as I'm indifferent towards the material because of it's background, there's no doubting it's genius in spots either. The title track is a terrible track, it's just not a good GNR song, as much as I love lots of elements to music and lots of thick layers in songs, there's too many here and it doesn't work as well as what was desired. The same thing can be said for "Shackler's Revenge" but after that the album gets better, ironically with "Better" it's at that moment on the record where things get melodic and sound like legitimate songs. After that the ballads are good to listen to, and the harder songs come across great without trying too hard or being to overbearing on the listener. Sure there are those moments on the record where the music is just overbearing because there’s too much stuff kind of thrown together, but the first two songs are terrible in that sense so anything after that is an improvement. When going through all that was taken to make this record, it's staggering to think about. Axel will always rock, but he's disappeared out of sight for too long to make too big of an impact with another record. It's sold well and it will continue to sell well but to make back the money invested they've got to sell an amazing amount of records. From the listeners point of view. Sure it's great that the voice is back, but not much after that is there, not even the sound. Just the voice. You can't call this a solo record, but it's not far from it. You can call it a Guns n' Roses record but at times it's pretty hard to do so. It's decent, but not worth a decade wait... few things are.


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