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In a Perfect World

Kodaline is a lot like the Irish version of Coldplay. There’s a lot of piano heavy pop with Stephen Garrigan breezy vocals accompanying. Before this new album hit, the band had teased us with an EP featuring four of the songs that are this record. Those songs were good, but they help make this debut album, In A Perfect World great.

Kodaline’s In A Perfect World is what this type of record should be. Great production but nothing that draws the attention away from a band that has some remarkable talent. Garrigan is a stud on this record with his voice resonating track after track. His vocal stylings will continue to push this band to be successful. He has that whisky vocal like Chris Martin of Coldplay, but he does a lot more than that. He digs deep and shows a ton of heart and soul on some of these songs and that’s when Kodaline is at it’s best. Don’t get me wrong, I like the standard pop song that Kodaline can make and make well, but I’m a bigger fan of the songs they do that are a little different. I love those soul songs, and I love “Love Like This” it’s a folksy song with a lot of personality on the recording. This album is filled with outstanding songs, it’s worth picking up and listening to over and over again.


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