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The Griswolds

Heart of a Lion EP

The Griswolds have only been around since 2012 and already they’re a rising act in two different countries. In their native Australia, they rose to notoriety extremely fast thanks to the help of triple j radio. In the U.S. and everywhere else, they caught on online and earned their international fan base that way. Now they’re signed to Wind-Up Records they’re releasing their Heart of a Lion EP in the U.S.

The four song EP features two of the songs that helped them get all the attention of tripleJ and eventually Wind-Up. “Mississippi” and “Heart of a Lion” showcase what the band has to offer best. They’re like a mix between The Shins, Vampire Weekend, and Rusted Root. Obviously, they have a very cool indie sound. The vocals on both songs are extremely cool but the drums stick out the most. It sounds like these guys have an actual bongo drum permanently attached to their kit, it’s nuts. Those two songs are fun to listen to, but they don’t do enough to set the band apart from a dozen other acts going right now. Those two songs are guaranteed to be liked by most and the other two are hit or miss.

The Griswolds are solid. “Mississippi” and “Heart of a Lion” will show up on a lot of people’s playlists over the next few months, but my general feeling about this EP is that it should be a new release and not songs that most of their current fanbase already has from the international/loose-U.S. release. This EP will get the band some minor traction here in the states, past that what’s next for The Griswolds is anybody’s guess.


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