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God Doesn't Care

Unusually, it wasn’t until after this New York quartet found critical acclaim in Britain after supporting Funeral for a Friend on their British tour that the American record labels caught onto the apparent magic of Instruction’s music.

Geffen snapped them up and ‘God Doesn’t Care’ is their debut album that follows on neatly from their two independent e.p’s; ‘Great’-the title track from which is given a rework here-and ‘Rise Up’.

The post hardcore rumblings that elevated the band to relative stardom are still very much in evidence, although the major label recording budget has brought obvious production improvements. Instruction's sound lies somewhere between the Foo Fighters earlier material and other post grunge favourites Hundred Reasons. Arty Shepherd’s voice is an acquired taste, but there’s no arguing with his gruff delivery on the anti-punk pop song ‘Your Punk Sucks’, the U2-esque ‘I’m Dead’ or the 8 minute meanderings of the title track, which is unusually hidden at the end of the album. Currently on tour with Helmet it may be that once again the eccentricities of Instruction will be more appreciated across the pond than they will in their homeland.


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