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Bangs EP

The New Jersey duo, Brick + Mortar just released their Bangs EP. While most music fanatics in the American Northeast aren’t strangers to the duo’s sound, for a lot of us around the country - we’re just getting to know them. Brick + Mortar combine the only section they have, their rhythm section, with a lot of synth programing to make their own unique blend of indie pop.

Brick + Mortar have been around for over five years, but listening through their back catalogue, Bangs is their most eclectic but mainstream-accessible release to date. All seven songs on the EP have different vibes to them. Some are dark and moody, others are happy and upbeat. All of them have a different overall feel but they have one thing in common; driving bass riffs that will test the bottom ranges of your speakers to their limits. Bassist and frontman Brandon Asraf has an amazing vocal sure, but his bass work makes Brick + Mortar worth listening to. Listen to “Old Boy” and then listen to “No I Won’t Go” and you’ll understand. I’m sure there are plenty of other bassists who could play what Asraf plays, but keep in mind that while he plays, he sings too. Along with Asraf’s bass and vocals, and John Tacon’s stellar drum work, the programming on the new EP is amazing, especially on “No I Won’t Go.” Towards the end of the song it’s fun and inventive.

Brick + Mortar made a cool new EP. There are seven songs and plenty of music to listen to with the release if you like what you hear. “No I Won’t Go” is an extremely good track and it’s a great start to gauge if you like the duo. It’s them at their best. If you like that song, dig a little deeper into this EP and you’re likely to find a couple more that you’ll like. If you don’t like “No I Won’t Go” then it’s best to avoid this one altogether.


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