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Lacey Sturm Shares What's In Her Heart


(Part II)

So her busy schedule would get busier with music, but Sturm was compelled to follow her heart and spread her message with music in addition to what she does talking with people and writing books. What’s been cool about how her latest project started is that it was an organic process, just like the formation of Flyleaf.

“My husband plays guitar and he’s written a lot of the songs with me. Our bass player is Ben Hull. He was in a band when we met him. When I first left Flyleaf we started an artist community in Pittsburgh. That’s how we met Ben. Our drummer Tom Gaskin, we met him through Ben. We wrote a bunch of songs together and a few years later the album came out. We had planned on doing a different band and then my husband decided to just call it Lacey Sturm, I didn’t think that was a band name but we went with it anyway [laughs].”

While working on the album, Sturm worked with her husband and her band members but she also got help writing music from critically-acclaimed songwriter David Hodges as well as from Korey Cooper of Skillet. Later on, when she was looking for someone to produce the record, she decided to work with Cage 9’s Evan Rodaniche. She’s had a lot of fun making the album and she’s had a lot of fun promoting it too.

“Originally, when we started writing music it was just for fun, it was all about having a good time and doing what was in our hearts. This project is centered around what’s in my heart. With Flyleaf, we were doing what was in everybody’s heart. This time, everybody’s trying to bring out what’s in my heart and everybody tries to get that out. That makes it easier for me. We started our won record label and we’re doing this because we love it. We’re proud of this and we love it.” - aa

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