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Lacey Sturm Shares What's In Her Heart


Alternative Addiction chatted with Lacey Sturm about her solo record, her writing, and her life after Flyleaf.

It’s rare to find someone who cares as passionately about seemingly everything as Lacey Sturm does. She advocates and supports multiple causes in a way that few can match. She approaches making and promoting her music the same way – with an intense passion. Her debut solo album, “Life Screams” isn’t much of a solo album. Sturm says words like ‘we’ ‘us’ and ‘our’ when discussing the album. There really isn’t any of the me and mine rhetoric that we’ve seen out of lead vocalist turned solo artists in the past. Maybe that’s because this is something that she didn’t think she’d ever do. It might not have if not for a eureka moment where she realized she could do it.

Sturm, best known for her work with Flyleaf, left right after the release of the band’s third album “New Horizon”. She wouldn’t have left if she didn’t feel like she had to. Seeing where life was at with the birth of her son and then with the passing of the band’s lead engineer Rich Caldwell, Sturm realized she needed to step away from the band to be a mom and to spread her own message.

“I stay in contact with a couple of those people, but our lives are busy and I live in Pennsylvania and I’m not really near them like I used to be,” said Sturm talking with Alternative Addiction. “I always wish them the best and I always support whatever decisions they’re trying to do. That was a tough decision to step away from Flyleaf. I wanted them to do whatever they wanted to do after I was gone. It was hard to step away from that because those guys are like family. In the end, I’m thankful I was able to do what was best for me and they could continue to do what they wanted as well.”

While away from music Lacey kept a full schedule. She’s been busy writing books, raising kids, doing Ted Talks, raising awareness for depression and suicide prevention, forming an artist community at her home in Pittsburgh, and empowering young women, trying to teach them about healthy relationships. She’s been busy.

“I had two kids. That was a big deal,” said an amused Sturm in the interview. “I also wrote a book and I was traveling a little bit talking about that and my journey with depression and being suicidal, having my encounter with God, and finding faith. I went around and told people about that for a while. As I traveled, I found that it wasn’t such a hard thing on my family. It worked out really well. My husband and I figured out that it was something we could do. I’ve always written music since leaving Flyleaf, that’s a reaction to life at my house. I never thought I’d release more music, but with all of the traveling and all of the life that I’ve lived, it’s been easier than I thought.”

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