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Bryce Soderberg Plotting His Own Course with Komox (Part II)


(Part II)

Komox isn’t just Bryce’s band. It’s important to note that the other two guys in the band are hugely talented musicians and a big part of the team too. Bryce met Kris Persson and Pelle Hillstrom in the Los Angeles music scene. He told us a bit about the two guys.

“I came down here a while back to pursue music in Los Angeles and I met Kris and Pelle through different friends. Kris is a great drummer and he’s very creative. Pele is the mad scientist guitarist. He adds that cool factor to the band. They’re both Swedish and they’re both great song writers and we had a chemistry that kind of just worked. I love working with them both.”

You can hear the first release from Komox - Dreaming Awake Part 1 right now. The second part of Dreaming Awake will be out just around the corner. It’s being heralded by the single “Untouchables”. After the release of the EP, expect a full LP to follow sometime in 2017 with the band performing at SXSW this fall.

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