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Morning Report: More from Arkells on Their Latest


(Part II)

Their strategy for recording the album proved to be a sound one, Arkells thought things out with the making of “Morning Report”, matching songs with producers and matching producers with songs during the writing process.

“There were a few songs that we thought the producer would want to work on more,” explained Kerman. “Joe’s songs, for the most part, were kind of like traditional rock ‘n’ roll songs. Gus’s stuff ended up being the most eclectic. Tony’s stuff. he thought he could get a lot out of and he was pretty passionate about, so we worked with him there.”

Recording the album the way they did was a risk. After having an album like “High Noon” be as successful as it was, it would make sense to hire Hoffer, work in the same studio, and do it all again. They wanted to go a different path for Morning Report.

“We don’t want to repeat ourselves. Those records exist already,” said Kerman about the band trying to evolve their music. “If people want to listen to something that sounds like “High Noon”, they can just listen to “High Noon.” We’re really big fans of music that’s being made right now. We listen to electronic, hip-hop, pop, and a lot of other music too. We’re students of it and we really admire the work that our peers our doing. We love using their tricks and putting them into Arkells songs. So the agenda wasn’t to make a record that sounded like the last one, it was chasing sounds that were pleasing to our ears and finding way to use them.”

They found plenty of them, but they also stayed true to their own sound. It’s cool that a band that gets compared to classic acts like Elton John and Springsteen over and over goes after new sounds and new sources of inspiration. It’s also cool that they can admit where their roots are too.

“Here’s the thing, our DNA is definitely rooted in that old stuff, the stuff that we grew up on. But to only sit around and listen to a Neil Young record from 1974 over and over again is so f______ boring because there’s so much cool s___ happening today. The job of an artist is to push themselves and try new things.”

Morning Report from Arkells is out and available now. aa

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