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AA Interview: Band of Skulls (Part Two)


(Part II)

AA: Which lyric or lyrics are you most proud of?

BoS: We don't pick favorites. Your songs are like you're children, all special in different ways. What becomes interesting is how lyrics can take on new meaning as they are played all over the place. Also it can take you back to a very specific moment in your life when the idea was born. You can be half way around the world but a certain lyric can put you right back to a time and place from your past.

AA: Like a lot of bands I hear you try not to listen to too much music when making an album so as not to be overly influenced in terms of the sound. When you listen back to the album can you hear any influences?

BoS: I think we all have an idea of what we're trying to achieve individually on a record. We keep that quite private as I think it's a style of playing that's specific to the individual. I can listen back to things we've done in the past and completely remember the head space I was in at the time. As you evolve as a musician you pick up new characters and learn new techniques that change the way you approach songs.

AA: What was it like recording with Gil Norton? I've heard he is pretty exacting!

BoS: Gil was fantastic to work with. He truly puts you through your paces! We loved the speed in which we worked at. I think within a week of meeting Gil we were in the studio. There was a lot more consideration in pre-production, fine tuning the songs so they were ready to go once we hit record.

AA: How did working with Gil Norton differ from working with Nick Launey?

BoS: I guess every producer brings something different to the table. They both have these incredible careers and have soundtracked our lives in one way or another. I guess it mostly comes down to technique and style. I think Gil was the perfect fit for these set of songs, as was Nick for the last record Himalayan. We feel very lucky to work with producers of this stature and to try and learn as much as we can from there experience.

AA: In hindsight, is there anything you would have liked to have done differently on this album?

BoS: Nope. We don't look back. It was a moment in time that has passed and it's now up to us to look to the future. We're very proud of what we achieved with 'By Default'.

AA: What are your thoughts on alternative rock music at the moment?

BoS: I don't really have much of an opinion on it if I'm being honest. We do what we do and that's it. There seems to be this constant cycle of headlines saying 'rock music is dead' only then to promote a band 'to save rock and roll'. It seems like a marketing tool to me. Rock and roll will outlive us all. I'm certain of that.

AA: How do you think you fit in today's music scene?

BoS: We've never really felt part of any scene. Even when we were kids growing up in our home town we always felt like outsiders. We don't think in those terms. We've seen plenty of bands/artists come and go. We enjoy doing our own thing and don't look to others for direction.

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