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The Unlikely Candidates Talk Develping Sound


(Part II)

Moving forward, we also talked with the band about their latest EP and they’re development on the new release. Morris talked about the new EP and said the growth of the band on the EP is owed to the band working with outside producers and talent.

“There’s a group of producers in New York that we write with,” explained the Unlikely Candidates frontman. “This EP was like our Magna Carta of our relationship with them. We did “Your Love Could Start A War” with them on the last EP too. This was this new anathematic alt-vibe that we created in New York. Everything that we’ve done prior to that has been done just by us. This new EP was the sound we collaborated on.

That’s something that I love about our band. We’ve been able to change up our sound. The first EP started with me and Cole, the second EP started with me an Brent, then this new EP started with me and these guys in New York. The band fills in the rest, of course, but that’s how those EPs started. We’ve grown through these different iterations and these unique styles. You can hear the musical growth from EP to EP, the voice ties it together, but it’s awesome being able to step into these different worlds of these new EPs.”

On this new EP, the band worked with The Score and they also worked with Kellen Pomeranz aka PomPom. The songwriter and guitarist has worked with Panama Wedding and a few other artists; she’s an up and coming talent and her work with the band on their latest single “Oh My Dear Lord” is indicative of that.

“That song was done with PomPom in New York. PomPom had this cool track and it started there. I had this awesome piano thing in my head. Being from Texas, you have this Southern/Bible belt thing engrained into your DNA. Country and gospel permeate your existence - into your sound - when you’re from Texas. You get into your own stuff when you’re young, but that sound still resonates deeply because it’s a part of your childhood. That song has that gospel influence in it and that mixes with our newer influences like hip hop and other things like that. There are a lot of distinctive characteristics to that song. It’s kind of like the genesis of our past/present/future all in one song. Lyrically it’s a song about being on the road. It’s easy to get into that reckless attitude when you’re on the road. If there’s a rock bottom to that point, which is where we were, who do you call out to? That’s kind of a little bit about where that came from lyrically.”

In addition to talking about their transition from their first EP to their third EP and talking about their latest single, Kyle and Kevin also talked about what The Unlikely Candidates have next.

“We don’t stop writing. We’re constantly writing together or with outside producers. We’re always in and out of the studio. We’re looking to get out on the road late Spring/Early Summer in there”- aa

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