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morgxn Explains Upcoming EP, "vital"


He's a North American troupadour and a creative spirit. In a recent interview with Alternative Addiction morgxn explained his single "Home" and his upcoming EP.

Alternative pop artist morgxn has an artistic soul. That’s the first impression that you get when you talk to the young producer/singer/songwriter. He carries an imaginative spirit that you can’t help but admire. He’s certainly complex, but if you go back to his roots you can gather where the creative spirit started. It started in gospel choirs - not that uncommon - except if you’re a young Jewish boy in the middle of Nashville, then singing in a gospel choir is unusual.

“I started in music as a kid singing in gospel choirs,” said morgxn. “I’m Jewish, but being in a gospel choir as a young kid gave me a place to sing. I was shy, but I always had a big voice. Singing was where I escaped to. I grew up with songwriters around me – people who write songs and tell stories through songs. I also did theatre a lot growing up and that was important with the training to sing. Once I started listening to soul singers like Luther Vandross, that changed something in me. That sent me off on a whole different journey. My varied musical background is what inspired me to create.”

He grew up singing in gospel choirs, but another huge influence for morgxn is soul music. As he said, he’s into Luther Vandross, but he’s also into electronic music and constantly trying to find out where organic music meets and meshes perfectly with electronic music.

“Experimentation – I love to experiment when I’m working. It’s a lot of playing around with sounds and trying to match a feeling. I’m listening to the Bird & The Bee album and Rilo Kiley. Those albums have an organic feel to them with an electric overhang to them and that inspires me. You do what you can with what you’ve got. I made this record in bedrooms. I haven’t recorded anything in a studio. Everything s been done in a bedroom. I think there’s a space where electronic and organic meet and that’s exciting to me. The computer has changed the way you’re able to make music and for me, I’m able to capture sounds wherever I go. I’m always trying to find the threshold of what I can blend between the two.”

A fitting example of how morgxn is blending organic and electric comes from his most recent single, “Home.” The song features a ton of organic instrumentation and elements, but also contains some underlying computer work too. morgxn talked about the song, how it started, and where his favorite part of the song came from.

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