Oceanroyal Releases New Song, Album Coming This Spring


Oceanroyal's next album has been heralded by a brand new single, "Spinning Circles"

San Francisco alternative rock outfit Oceanroyal returns in 2017 with their strongest album to date – "Waking Sleeping Dreaming". The release continues the band’s collaboration with Bay Area rock-guru Sean Beresford (Third Eye Blind, Vanessa Carlton), who co-produced, engineered, and mixed all eight tracks.

The album is being heralded by “Spinning Circles,” which made it's debut on Friday. The single starts with a hypnotic guitar riff building to a sweeping epic finish. Recorded at Green Day’s Jingletown Studios in Oakland, CA, lead singer Kurt Seefeld described the experience.

“We felt like we were on sacred ground, and that feeling translated into the performances you hear on this record. We took our time and wanted to savor the process and the opportunity to track in Studio A. That’s not something you get to do every day.”

Expect more from Oceanroyal very soon, including another single release in a few weeks, music videos, lyric videos, performance content, and more. Of course, all of that leads to an album release this Spring.

You can listen to the new single from Oceanroyal - "Spinning Circles" below.

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