Indie Metal Heroes Chrysalis Reach Back for New Album


Chrysalis are back with a new album called “Reminder” and it’s an album that the band threw everything at creatively that they could.

Out of Barstow, CA underground/indie metal heroes Chrysalis are back with a new album called “Reminder” and it’s an album that the band threw everything at creatively that they could. They made new stuff for the record and came up with new ideas but they also brought out some ideas from their past work that they were never able to fully develop and reworked them into what we hear now. Talking with Yessi Burton from the group, the frontman of Chrysalis talked about their process of where these songs came from and how Chrysalis gets ready to make an album.

“I can’t recall too much planning that went into it,” explained Burton. “We’re not the kind of guys that plan out too much. We take things as they come wave by wave. A lot of these songs are old and we brought them back and repurposed them into newer songs. That’s the cool thing about musical ideas. When you write a song and you don’t use it, you can always take parts of that and fit it into something new or use it as inspiration to put together something new.”

Old melodies, riffs, parts, and all kinds of elements of some of the old material was reworked into something new with “Reminder.” Burton gave us some specifics and explained how a lot of bands have to approach making music when they go in to start an album.

“’Up the Stairs’ and ‘Out of My Hands’ were songs like that that. ‘Dancing in Circles’ was like that too. Those songs have been floating around for a long time. When you go in to write an album, it’s a huge undertaking. New bands underestimate how difficult and tedious it is to form a body of work that makes up an album. When you go in to do that you’re going to need to either rehash some old material and repurpose it or you just have to wing it and start writing. You hope you or someone else in the band is inspired and you come up with something that’s good,” he added.

For a band that’s just coming into their own it’s important to work with a producer that knows how to get the most out of an act. That’s why they decided to work with Ulrich Wild, one of the best hard rock producers in the industry.

“Working with Ulrich Wild was insane. He’s done a lot of good work throughout his career, of course his most known work is with The Deftones, Pantera, and White Zombie. It was exciting to work with him because he’s so good at helping artists find their voice and their individuality. There’s something raw about all his work and I always wondered how he did it. Working with him, you find out. He captures the in-between elements of a band’s progress from when they’re a raw act to when they’re a deeper act. You get reminded that he’s creative, and persistent, but he also makes you have fun and he’s fun to work with. He’s super professional, but he also makes music and making music should be fun.”

Making fun, experimenting, and finding something that creatively ambitious all the while not giving up on great song elements and ideas are big personality traits of Chrysalis as a band, and they’re all good traits if they’re not completely uncommon to the genre of music that they play. As an artist, Burton has a mission statement of sorts and it should click with most music fans.

“We don’t appeal to the metal elitists and we don’t appeal to what’s cool. We don’t want to be a band that’s up on the trend and we don’t want someone to listen to us just because we want to be as heavy as we can be. We’re an experimental band and we want to do things and express ourselves in new ways. We want people to embrace new sounds and we want to embrace new things. That’s what resonates with me on the stuff I listen to and I hope that our music resonates with our audience in the same way.” - aa

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