Can't-Miss Acts Performing At The Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival


One of the cooler music festivals is coming up - The Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival in Franklin, TN. Check out our picks for some can't-miss acts during the festival.

The Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival is coming up. The event takes place in Franklin, TN – that’s just outside of Nashville. Unlike other popular festivals, this one offers you the chance to see some amazing artists up close and personal. The festival has a crowd of 25,000 instead of some other music festivals that have about 80,000. That makes for a more intimate connection between stage and crowd. This year the festival has some incredible alternative and indie acts here’s highlighting a few.


Well, it’s Eddie Vedder – you can’t really say much more than that. He’s a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Pearl Jam and he’s a hell of a performer in his own right too.


Ryan Adams is one of the most prestigious names in music. There’s never been anybody quite like him and he’s got years of accolades and acclaimed work to his credit. He and Vedder top the list of can’t-miss acts at Pilgrimage.


The Avett Brothers combine all kinds of music to make their own amazing blend of bluegrass folk rock. Plus, they put on an amazing performance. Their performance at Pilgrimage will be that much more special thanks to the more intimate setting.

They took over the world with “Shut Up and Dance” but before that they were known for their odd and addicting brand of music. Every cliché you can think of about doing things your own way applies to this Cincinnati band. Everyone will know their big hit, of course, but if they play “I Can Lift a Car” off their self-titled album… some Walk The Moon fans will lose their minds.


Kevin Griffin is one of our favorite songwriters ever. His band, Better Than Ezra is one of our favorite bands ever. This is a set that maybe not everyone will be looking forward to, but they should be. New stuff, old stuff, doesn’t matter. Better Than Ezra always puts on an amazing show.


Caleb and Will Chapman’s band is certifiably awesome. Not everybody knows about them yet, but if they keep doing what they’re doing, they will soon. Their latest album, “Only The Lonely” is one of this year’s best and their set at Pilgrimage is sure to feature it prominently.


Ed Roland of Collective Soul also fronts The Sweet Tea Project. The music is a lot different than Collective Soul but it features one of the most identifiable voices in alternative music over the past twenty years. The band’s last record “Devils ‘n Darlins” was released in 2013, but we’re still listening to it. “Just As I Am” from the band is one of the best songs that Roland has ever written and that’s saying something.

Those are just a few of the alternative bands that you’re going to want to see at the Pilgrimage Music & Cultural Festival – there’s lots more. The festivals is on Saturday, September 23rd in Franklin, TN – for more on the event visit PilgrimageFestival.com

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