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What bands with ties to Brazil have we been into over the years? There's been more than we expected, but here's a compact list of our highlights.

Recently we got an email from Brazilian indie rock band Ego Kill Talent. They’re great and we’re really loving what these five guys from São Paulo are doing. But it got us thinking… What bands with ties to Brazil have we been into over the years? There were a lot more than we expected, especially alternative rock acts. With that in mind we made a compact list of our highlights.

Ego Kill Talent

We’ll start with the band that got this idea rolling, Ego Kill Talent. Their new single, “My Own Deceiver” comes in two different versions; an acoustic version and an electric version. We happen to love both. The band recently opened for Korn and System of a Down through South America and Europe and they’ve played Lollapalooza, Maximus and Planeta Atlantida. Recently, they played the Download Festival in France. Listen to both versions of "My Own Deceiver" below.

Added Color

One of two bands on this short list that aren’t exclusively from Brazil, but Added Color definitely has their ties. Brothers Daniel (drums) and Keko (guitar) Freiberg are from Brazil. We recently featured the band as an Indie Song of the Day and we love their most recent EP, “Psycho”. These guys are onto something big and we think they’ll hit it in the next couple of years. Listen to our favorite Added Color track, “Nasty Habit” below.


This is an oldie but a goodie for us. Udora didn’t get the recognition they deserved when their debut album “Liberty Square” came out. It was a tremendous release and frontman Gustavo Drummond showed his chops as a vocalist and as a songwriter on the album. If you’re a fan of alternative rock from the 2000’s, this should be on your radar. It’s outstanding. As an added bonus Ego Kill Talent drummer Jean Dolabella used to drum in Udora. That was two bands ago, but he still rocks out on the record.

Saints of Valory

This is the other band that’s not exclusively from Brazil but they have their ties. Gavin Jasper is from Brazil and he’s an outstanding songwriter/frontman for Saints of Valory. The band was actually started in Rio de Janeiro by Jasper and Godfrey Thompson. “Long Time Coming”, “Neon Eyes”, and “Fighting” are brilliant songs from the band, and we’ll admit that we expected at least one of them to launch the band into the stratosphere at this point, it’s just never really happened. Saints of Valory is back to being an independent band again and they just released a new single called “Set It On Fire.”

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