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Alternative Addiction recently talked with Daniel Freiberg from Added Color about how the band found their sound and how Freiberg's home country serves them as an influence too.

The Brazilian-American rock band of Added Color is making a splash with their “Psycho EP.” The group - made up of Daniel Freiberg (Drums/Vocals), Keko Freiberg (Guitar/Vocals), Tim Haggerty (Guitar), and Danny Dahan (bass) – has established a decent following in Brazil and their working to get bigger here in the U.S. Talking with Daniel Freiberg about the band, one of the things that was discussed first happened to be how the band developed their sound.

“It was an interesting process,” explained the older Freiberg brother in the band. “Keko and I started out as a metal band. We used to be really heavy and that eventually changed to a prog-rock type of thing. When Danny and Tim joined they weren’t into metal. Danny and Tim share a funk background - so they bring like a Chili Peppers influence. They brought this side that Keko and I hadn’t had in a band and we were bringing in heavier stuff. It was a clash of influences and tastes but it was pretty organic. There was a feeling-out period for what we wanted for our own sound and it happened pretty naturally.”

It seems like that’s how everything with Added Color is done. The band has a working class mentality of playing shows and working on music. But the way they get to where they need to be to start working seems like it’s effortless. That’s because they use what they have and they use their roots to their advantage. Daniel and Keko are both from Brazil and they use that as a big part of what Added Color does as a band. Talking about their most recent release, the “Psycho EP" – Daniel talked about recording in Brazil and how their home influences their sound.

“With the EP, we did drums and bass at Engine Room Audio in New York. Then we flew down to Brazil to do guitars and vocals and shoot the music video down there too. We worked with Patrick Caracas down there and he does all of our video work. We took the opportunity to get a bunch of things done. We got two videos done and we finished the album while we were down there too.”

“We recorded the rest of the EP where Keko and I are from. There’s always an influence from it because that’s our home. The guy who mixed the record is also from there so we got some production influence from him as well. It was the first time Danny and Tim went to Brazil so it was a cool experience and I’m sure that changed what they were doing. It went by fast – we were trying to track an album and we were trying to see as much as we could of the country too. The extra percussion on the record was done there too. A guy named Marivaldo from STOMP did some stuff for us. He came in as a guest and did 10 hours of extra percussion on everything you could imagine to add things on to the record. It added a nice twist to everything at the end,” added Freiberg.

The band’s been working hard this summer playing in the U.S. but while still talking about the Daniel and Keko’s home country – we asked when they were planning on going home to do more shows.

“We try to do it once a year. Last year we went and did a festival during Carnival. Basically it’s a festival where everyone who doesn’t like samba and that type of stuff – the people who like rock – go to that festival. So that’s the last time we went down there but we’re always flirting with opportunities to go back. We’ve got a fan base and it’s always a good time to go down and play.”

Added Color’s “Psyco EP" is out and available now. You can listen to it on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon MP3, Groove Music, and all other major digital music retailers. - aa

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