AA Indie Song of the Day - Hedera - "Missing Yesterday"


Jersey-based band Hedera has the song of the day. Coming from their debut album, "Helix" - the song is called "Missing Yesterday"

Jersey-based band Hedera has the song of the day for Friday, June 30, 2017. The band is an eclectic amalgamation of five fortunate friends – that’s what the bio says. And the music really is crazy good. They combine the tension and release of jazz with the predictability of back-beat driven rock ‘n’ roll. It’s jazz inspired rock for Hedera – and it’s really good.

The song of the day comes off of Hedera’s debut album, “Helix” that was released last year and it’s called “Missing Yesterday.” Listen to the song below and remember to send in your music for indie song of the day by emailing webmaster@alternativeaddiction.com or by tweeting @altaddiction.

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